Tea Grading and What It all Means

What the heck is actually a STGFOP graded tea?! How is that this related to my tea getting approach and why could it be so confounded Take away

These are generally all valid thoughts, and ideally I am able to respond to them for you personally below and explain how recognizing the real difference among the varied grades can in fact assist you to produce a additional educated buy, thus introducing to the general satisfaction of the tea itself.

Just about all black tea from India and Ceylon is graded on the two the quality of the tea mainly because it pertains to your individual estate and growing location, as well because the dimensions on the tea leaves. This can be suitable to you as being a tea-drinker simply because how intact the leaves are immediately impacts the flavor and how numerous subtleties it carries. Tea is considered a luxury fantastic (not like espresso, and that is a commodity) as a consequence of the two the vast number of value discrepancies and since on the character of the tea by itself; like equally cigars and wine, tea contains a huge spectrum of subtleties, spanning from taste factors for the thickness on the brew, that can be identified and loved by any individual thinking about building their palette for it.

Adhering to this logic, the upper a tea is rated, the greater refined attributes it’s got and also the extended and fuller the dried leaves are from the closing merchandise. Offered beneath may be the ranking scale in the numerous gradings:

Complete Leaf: Is made up of, very well, entire leaves. Full leaf teas hold the most delicate flavor and the style ‘evolves’ somewhat since it sits in one’s mouth.
SFTGFOP: Super Great Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe; signifies that the tea contains quite a few golden tips–the tender young shoots–and prolonged, wiry leaves. The color in the brewed tea (known as the liquor) is lighter in shade.
FTGFOP: Good Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe; signifies there are fewer ideas, even so the leaves are still long and wiry. The liquor might be merely a bit darker.
TGFOP: Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe; has some guidelines, nevertheless the leaves might not be quite as lengthy; however exhibits a lightish brew shade.
Damaged Leaf: Is made up of leaves which have been little or larger leaves which have been damaged. Incorporates a much more constant flavor that can also be outlined as more robust (nevertheless whole-leaf teas are merely as flavorful, of their individual way).
FTGBOP: Good Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe; signifies that the tea continues to be of a superior quality and has a significant sum of guidelines, however the leaves are lesser (but still whole) or are broken pieces of larger leaves.
TGBOP: Tippy Golden Damaged Orange Pekoe; however some tips, however the leaves are largely broken, no matter of their primary sizing.
FBOP: Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe; no true tricks to converse of and (commonly) crafted from completely broken leaves.
BOP: Broken Orange Pekoe; can be regarded as (coupled with typical OP–Orange Pekoe) as the cheapest on the grades. Incredibly broken leaves as well as a serious continuous flavor (that’s not a foul matter after you desire a serious reliable cup of tea on a chilly early morning).
Fannings: Is made up of an even smaller sized leaf dimension in comparison to the Broken grade (this is where they start placing it in tea luggage)
GFOF: Golden Flowery Orange Fannings; continual flavor, begins to only have that generic ‘tea’ style.
GOF: Golden Orange Fannings.
Dust: This can be the most affordable graded tea you should purchase and is virtually the dust remaining in excess of from processing the many other grades.
D: Dust; preferences like it, far too.

So there you have it, that’s what all the distinctive tea grades and ratings necessarily mean, how they come to a decision on them, and the distinct qualities you can hope from one specially graded tea to your subsequent. While you drink extra tea, you can likely start off to note the real difference and produce a palette that will distinguish the subtleties inside the better graded teas remarkably very well. However, permit me remind you never to discount the ‘lower’ graded teas; they are really however equally as scrumptious and in most instances basically use a more robust flavor, its just that it extra consistent inside the mouth as it lacks the delicate taste features of tea brewed with extended, far more intact leaves.